Meeting Some HELP Missionaries – NC to GA

On February 26th I was up early and repacking in preparation to travel to Charlotte, NC. The missions group I am with here in the USA, HELP Ministries, bring in national pastors from all over the world and help get them support from US churches.

They have done so much for my family and I. They have helped us raise support, process our financial support and send us monthly reports, they pray for us and do all they can to assist us.

20150127_135903 (Medium)So I was pleased able to help in a small way by collecting some national pastors from Charlotte airport. It was a short 86 miles to Charlotte that afternoon.

I arrived in Charlotte and checked in to the hotel they had arranged. The first missionary, Reubin Oscar, arrived around 7:30. Pastor Reubin ministers in Grenada.

The next missionary, Wesny Joseph, arrived at 11:30. He is from Haiti.

The third and final missionary had a few complications. Lal Tluang’s first flight left Myanmar and went to China. That flight was bound for Newark, NJ… and so was a severe winter storm. The airline cancelled his connecting flight from Newark to Charlotte and so we waited to see would would happen. We had no way of contacting him.

Finally I received a call from Lal. The airline diverted his flight to Chicago and then made arrangements for a new flight to bring him to Charlotte, NC. Lal had never travelled outside his home country, so it was quite a trip for him. He arrived at 2:30am. I made one final trip between the nearby hotel and the airport and at last everyone had arrived.

These men have become good friends. I have enjoyed hearing their ministries and countries.

07_Charlotte NC - Valdosta GAOn February 27th we left Charlotte early and made the trip down to Valdosta, GA. We travelled about 330 miles and were welcomed by Pastor Gene Wisehart, a faithful saint who God has used greatly for many years.

Over 3 days I drove around 900 miles and it felt good to not have any big journeys for a few days.

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