A Brief Catch Up

It has been a very busy and blessed month so far. Quite often I have not had internet access and so I have been unable to update my site as I would have liked. My intention was to write of each church and trip as it happened, but lack of time online and lack of free time in general has hindered that. So, here are some highlights.

I have been privileged to visit with a number of churches. I wish I could write of each church individually and share how they all demonstrated such wonderful hospitality and generosity.

  1. Faith Baptist Church, Valdosta, Georgia (28th , 30th, 31st January and 1st February)
  2. Calvary Baptist Church, Lake Parg, Georgia (29th January)
  3. Crossview Baptist Church, Moultrie, Georgia (1st February AM)
  4. Trinity Baptist Church, Thomasville, Georgia (1st February PM)
  5. Victory Baptist Church, Leesburg, Georgia (February 4th-8th)
  6. Philema Road Baptist Church, Leesburg, Georgia (8th February, AM)
  7. Faith Baptist Church, Blackshear, Georgia (9th – 11th February)
  8. Grace Baptist Church, Hinesville, Georgia (15th February)
  9. Grace Baptist Church, Tifton, Georgia (16th-17th February)

So far this month I have driven approximately 1016 miles.

As of today I have not seen my family for almost 2 weeks.

So, it has been a blessing to visit churches, it has been  difficult to be away from my family, and I have seen a great deal of south Georgia!

The accommodation has varied from a camp ground in a swamp to purpose build prophet’s chambers. But wherever I have been, it has always been warm, dry and I have been well-fed!

Carrie has been under a heavy workload caring for the children while I am away, and I thank God for her!

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