Walking in the Word – 1

Disciples of Christ could prevent many problems in their lives by spending quality time in God’s Word.

On Sunday mornings I am currently preaching a three week series on “Walking in the Word”.

Spending time with God in His Word should be a daily habit for believers. Yet I find all too often that this is an area where many Christians struggle-myself included. Part of the problem lies in an absence of basic discipleship. Sometimes believers just do not know how to get the most out of their time in the Word.

The series will ask three basic questions:

  • What is the Bible?
  • How Should We Read the Bible?
  • How Can We Understand the Bible?

The basis for this series is that God wants fellowship with us. Part of the reason God created us was for fellowship. He redeemed us so that could have fellowship restored. He keeps us so that fellowship can continue. He is not some far off unknowable entity. God, in His grace and love, wants to fellowship with us more than we want to fellowship with Him. We can add nothing to His existence. Conversely, God is everything to us and the very reason for our existence. Yet He seeks us more than we seek Him.

Our relationship with God follows similar patterns to any of our relationships. Relationships take time. They develop over time, and they need the investment of time.

They happen deliberately. That may be the difference between a colleague and a friend. A colleague is someone your spend time with as you work together. A friend is one you spend time with because you choose to. A relationship takes a definite desire on both parts

They encounter difficulties. Any relationship worth anything is worth fighting for.

They involve responsibilities, and they require investment. Relationships require the investment of time and emotion.

They demand communication

A relationship with God is unique, but involves the basics.
The Bible is the basis for our relationship with God

  • It tells us who we are
  • It tells us who God is
  • It tells us what interrupts that relationship
  • It tells us how that relationship can be restored
  • It tells us how that relationship can be maintained
  • It tells us what our relationship with God requires of us

In my next post I want to consider what the Bible is and why more people do not follow the Word of God.

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