The Necessity of Prayer – Prayer and Obedience 2 – EM Bounds

“A righteous man is an obedient man, and he it is, who can pray effectually, who can accomplish great things when he betakes himself to his knees.”

“If the will of God does not master the life, the prauing will be nothing but sickly sentiment.”

“Obedience to God makes it easy to believe and trust God.”

“The will must be surrendered to God as a primary condition of all successful praying.”

NOTE: Obedience to laws and commands cannot win salvation or favour with God, that is not what EM Bounds is teaching here. If we harbour sin in the port of our hearts then that will bring a barrier in our fellowship with God and it will hinder our prayers. When we confess our sin God will forgive and we will be in a position once again to bring our petitions to God. Too, to pray in Jesus’ name is to pray according to His will. If we pray against the will of God then we are in active disobedience and our prayers cannot be answered in the positive. 

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