Henry Groves Describing the Early Disciples

“It was a spiritual work they had to do, therefore He spiritualised the men who were to do it. It was faith they hard to plant, therefore He made His missionaries men of faith. They had to deliver nations from the idolatry of gold and silver, therefore He took care His messengers should have none. They had to deliver people from the idolatry of wisdom, therefore He took care they should be looked upon as foolish. They had to deliver the world from the idolatry of power and might, so He took care they should be weak. They had to deliver from the idolatry of fame and reputation, therefore He took care they should be despised; making them in all respects models of the doctrine which they were sent forth to preach.


“Truly this is what the Church needs, and this must be the aim of any who would stand in the counsel of God and act for Him, whether in the ministry in the Church, or in evangelising those who are outside and afar off. They must themselves live the truths they teach and be examples of those divine principles they are sent to inculcate.”

Henrey Groves

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