25 September Summery

Since Emily’s arrival last week things have been going really well. She has been feeding, sleeping and doing everything a newborn should! We really appreciate those who have been helping with meals and supporting us this past week.

Yesterday went well. At this time of year it is traditional to hold a Harvest Service. For those in the USA this is something similar to Thanksgiving. It is not an official holiday as in the States, but it is a time that is set aside to be thankful. Traditionally people bring a variety of foods to church, it is displayed on a table and then distributed to those in need.

In the 11am service I preached on 7 Harvests in the Bible. Our cultures, even our modern, western, urban cultures, are tied into the theme of harvest. This is true if only because of the principle of sowing and reaping. God has built it into the fabric of creation that whatever we so, we reap. That is true of crops in farming but also true of our behaviour and beliefs.

In the evening Salaam Kamara preached for us. I met Salaam about a year ago. He is a member of Chelsea Community Baptist Church and John Anderson is his pastor. He is a young preacher and I know would value your prayers. He preached a good message and I know people were encouraged by it.

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