“Proud” to Be British

There is a lot wrong with my country, I’ll admit that. There is perhaps a lot more that people outside the UK would believe is wrong that I do not see. The looting and rioting we have seen recently does not highlight a good side to my country.

However, for all that I know is wrong with my country I have to say that I still thank God for letting me live and serve Him here.

I have freedom – We have freedom here that few other countries enjoy. And although we have a less than perfect history there are countries that have followed our parliamentary system that enjoy similar privileges to us. Britain may have exported much that was wrong, but it also exported much that was good.

I have freedom here to worship God as I please. Other European countries do not allow children to be educated in their homes, I can do that here. Many countries will not allow or they tightly control churches and church services, but I have freedom to worship God here.

I could go to any part of the country today and stand on the corner of any street and shout the Gospel message. Some laws have on RARE occassions been misused and street preachers have been hindered, but those cases are RARE and at it’s roots British law defends my right to do that.

And, except for some very rare cases, in all of the schools in which I have been able to go and share the Gospel I have had freedom to tell what I believe. Restrictions exist in places, but I have always been able to share the Gospel and receive repeat invitations.

I have history – The United Kingdom has an awesome history. I do not know nearly as much of it as I would like, but I know enough to understand that God has used my country in a tremondous way down through the years. Much has been discovered, invented, and explored by men and women from this tiny island. The impact of the United Kingdom on the world has always been disproportianate to it’s size.

No one can speak of revival without giving an account of the spirit waves that have repeatedly swept across our nation and then spread all over the world.

I have hope – Yes, I get frustrated and angry when I see the looting and the violence. When I see injured teens being robbed and the shops and livelihoods of 89 year old men being destroyed. I sometimes despair when I see the news and the bias on the news and in the political arena.

However, I have hope. Believe it or not I do think Britain has been worse in the past than it is now. God has revolutionised my country before and He can do it again.

I have hope because it is only when sinners and saints despair of any strength of their own that they step aside and let God work. Sometimes we need a tragedy in order for God to get us out of the way and let Him bless.

I have hope because the righteousness of my God is greater than the sinfulness of any man, whether he be a “fine, upstanding member of the community” or he is a looter and thug roaming the streets looking for trouble, God is greater.

I am proud and thankful to live in the nation in which God has placed me. It’s not perfect, but it is home.

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