The Elephant – Joke

A missionary sent a prayer letter today along with a few pictures from his area of ministry, South Africa. One of them reminded me of a joke several of you have enjoyed. The picture is perfect for it.


The story is told of a young boy from the USA who went to help a medical missionary in South Africa. One day as he and the missionary travelled home from visiting a remote tribe they came across a bull elephant standing in the middle of the road. They waited for a few moments, hoping the elephant would move on, but he did not.

Eventually they noticed the elephant’s right leg was held up. He and the medical missionary cautiously approached and noticed a huge thorn on his foot. The medical missionary used his equipment to remove the thorn and then he and the young boy stepped back.

The elephant put his foot down, then lifted it up, put it down, lifted it up, put it down and lifted it up. Finally he put it down, looked the boy straight in the eye, let out a roar and then stomped off into the jungle.

Years passed and the young boy became a father. One day he took his two teenage boys to the zoo. They got to the elephant enclosure and one of the elephants caught the man’s eye. It looked straight at him and then lifted his left foot and put it down. In disbelief the man climbed inside the enclosure. The elephant looked him in the eye, lifted his leg and put it down, lifted it up and put it down, lifted it up and put it down. Then it let out a huge roar, lifted the man in his trunk, smashed him against the wall and killed him instantly.

It wasn’t the same elephant.

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