Solid Rock Independent Baptist, Liberty SC

This past weekend we had the opportunity to meet up with my pastor, Tom Dotson and Mrs. Jane. They took us to one of the churches they know in the area they are currently staying in.

We enjoyed our visit with Solid Rock Independent Baptist Church in Liberty, South Carolina. They gave us a warm welcome and we felt very comfortable there. The music was a blessing in both services!

In the morning service missionary to Thailand Harmen Rutledge preached and presented his ministry. We pray he will soon have his support raised and that he can reach his field of ministry.

In the evening service I had the opportunity to share my burden and then Pastor Brian Terry preached. I appreciated his message and was challenged to consider how I labour for the Lord.

This weekend we will head up to Tarboro, North Carolina to be with an old friend, Mike Barnett. Pray for us as we drive the 6 hours up there.

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