Bad, But Not as Bad As… (Gas Leak Update)

Many of you know, from my frequent Twitter and Facebook updates, that beginning on Monday our lives have been disrupted due to a main’s gas leak near our home. It is a relatively small problem, but it is a problem following on from what seems to be 18 months of near constant trials.

Yesterday we were thankful to be able to return to our home. I went home last night and then today collected Carrie and the children who had been staying with friends near Carlisle (thanks Andy and Amy Sturm). We got home, Carrie said she smelt gas and so I made the call. About 20 minutes later the gas company was back and Carrie was right, the problem was still there. We were again evacuated and have been put in a hotel for another two nights.

The situation seems to be that a mains gas line is leaking, the gas is somehow finding its way under our house and then filtering up into our home. Because of the construction of the house they suspect there is a cavity under our home filled with explosive gas, which is why we are not allowed to stay there.

What I am going to share next is not to lessen the impact of all this on my family or belittle the problems we face, but I want to put it in perspective. Things are bad, we desperately covet your prayers. Things are bad, but they are not as bad as they are for friends of mine around the world:

  • Friends in Myanmar who suffer opposition at best, persecution at worst from the government
  • Friends in Kenya who are sometimes in danger from tribal conflicts and other issues associated with living in a relatively poor country
  • Friends in Chile who are recovering from a series of devastating earthquakes
  • Friends in Haiti who have also suffered terrible earthquakes. Some even wondered if the country had a future.
  • Friends in this country who have illnesses that are life changing and cause them constant, continued pain
  • Friends who have suffered the loss of life and/or property

Things are bad, but not as bad as they are for others I know. However, please do pray for us. I just wanted to let you know we are trying to keep things in perspective and even during these problems, we want to count our blessings.

Please pray for Carrie and the children especially as this is most disruptive and unsettling for them.

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