Young at Heart

No one would deny that the average age of the believers in ministry I am involved with is, well, above average. There are a number of older saints in Bethesda and the two mission halls.

There are several in their 90’s, more in their 80’s, and a good number in their 70’s, 60’s and 50’s. However, their age is not a reflection of their passion or activity.

This week I have had a great task of putting 5000 leaflets through letterboxes in the community around Hallgarth. If you figure on 100 per hour you get a good idea of how long it would normally take (50 hours). These are mostly terraced houses so you can probably do a bit more than that, but you get the idea.

This week I have been greatly blessed and encouraged by the help received in putting out the leaflets. A small but zealous group, varying from day to day and times of the day, have been out with me distributing literature about the special services this weekend. I’ll write more another time about the great response we have had from individuals on the street, but in this post I wanted to pay tribute to the faithfulness of these older saints.

Let me bring in my meeting with Ian Paisley a year or so ago at this point. Ian Paisley is not a young man, but there was a youthfulness about him. And so it is with many older saints, they still somehow seem young. I think the reason is that in terms of eternity, they are young. What are 70 fleeting years in the face of eternity?

I thank the Lord for each one that has helped this week, including a couple of younger people who have been out as well. A father and daughter from a family that has been of particular blessing and help to us since moving here were once again a wonderful help. I thank them and I thank the Lord for them.

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