Sophie Kaetlyn and Samuel

After a long 9 month wait our baby daughter arrived on Wednesday the 18th. We decided to call her Sophie Kaetlyn. Sophie means wisdom and the name first struck me when I read it in Colossians 1. Kaetlyn means pure. We liked the name Kaetlyn for both the meaning and the sound. Apparently we have gone with the Celtic spelling.

Carrie and Sophie are both doing really well and we appreciated all those who prayed for us. We went into hospital last Tuesday at around 22:30 and Sophie was born just a few hours later at 2:12am on Wednesday morning. 

Sophie has been sleeping well at night and feeding well so all is good. 

Last night we noticed Samuel having bad breathing and we could actually hear him breathing from another room. So about 23:30 I took him to the emergency department  at the same hospital where Sophie was born just a few days ago. It turned out he had croup. After a dose of steriods his breathing improved. 

Well, that is our fmaily news for now. Here are a couple of pictures of baby Sophie.


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