Snow at the Stagners

On Monday we left Greenville, SC and headed for TN. We met one of
Carrie’s friends that she grew up with in Nashville, TN. Carrie and
Alyssa have known each other a long time and they had a good time
talking over lunch. We ate at a place called Demos in Nashville in the
downtown area on Commerce Street. It was good! I had an Italian dish
and it was soooo good.

Anyway, from there we came here to the Stagners.
Pastor B.J. Stagner and Mrs. Denise are such a blessing to us and we
always enjoy spending time with them. Last night we went to their Bible
conference where Pastor Phil Stringer preached on Hell on Earth. It
started snowing sometime yesterday evening and has not really stopped.
There is a good layer of it outside now and it does not look like it
will stop any time soon.

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