From Newbury to Newbury


Originally I am from Newbury, Berkshire which is in England. Today we travelled from Warrensburg, New York through Vermont and just over the border into a town in New Hampshire.

A town just 4 or 5 miles away is Newbury, Vermont. I would love to know the history more, but I think it is just a copy of a copy of the original. Someone from another state with a town called Newbury moved here and lacking any imagination or filled with pride for his home continued the trend and named the new town, Newbury (Newbury actually means new town but anyway). Newbury, Vermont was founded in 1763. By 1763 my home town of Newbury, Berkshire in England was about 1000 years old. 🙂 newbury_vt.jpg

So, there it is. I have come home… sort of. 

My Newbury has a rich history which you can read here – Newbury’s History

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