Thank You Brunswick!

Today I am back with my family in Greenville, SC.

I just wanted to say thank you, again, to the three churches I had the privilege of being with last week in the Brunswick, GA area. Sterling Baptist, Emmanuel Baptist and Bible Baptist were all a blessing, more than words can express. As I travel around various churches on deputation I am not aiming just for prayers and financial support, I am also looking at how other churches evangelise, worship and operate. I have learned much over the past few days and continually pray about how I can best serve God and the people of the UK. 

I could not begin to name all the wonderful people who I have met. The young people at Emmanuel Baptist were a lot of fun. They asked a lot of good questions, and some entertaining questions. 🙂 Pastors Spencer, Landrum and Williams were so welcoming and encouraging. I felt at home in each pulpit and appreciated the freedom they offered me to preach.

Faces of many individuals I met last week are in my mind and on my heart and I can assure you last week is not a time I will forget.

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