Hickory Baptist Church and Faith Baptist, Valdosta

These next few blogs are a few days behind. I have not had internet access but I do want to write about some of the churches we have been to recently.

From the 30th of January to 3rd of February I was able to have Carrie and the family with me. We stayed at Faith Baptist Church in Valdosta. We really appreciated the hospitality of the pastor and people there. 

We had a couple of services at Hickory Head while we were there. Hickory Head has been there for over one hundred years which makes it old by any one’s record. We had the blessing of hearing the Hinkle Family as they sang and shared testimony.

Pastor O’Neil and everyone there was a great blessing and we were greatly encouraged by their kindness.

During the same week we had services with Faith Baptist Church in Valdosta, GA. I have stayed there on my own many times but this was the first opportunity to be in their missions conference.

Pastor Mickey Wiseheart was a blessing. We enjoyed the special music they had prepared and we want to thank them. 

Normally I try to give a single entry to each church but with being a few days behind in blog entries I am having to condense things a little.  

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