The Strong Willed Child

For a while now Carrie and I have realised that we have a strong willed child. Ashleigh is cute, lovely, and very often appears thoughtful and kind. Such as yesterday when she sat behind Carrie and started to rub her shoulders, kind of a mini massage. πŸ™‚

On other occasions we find her most definitely willful. This aspect of her character I consider a good thing, but it needs to be trained and directed. That is the hard part.

One example is the bed time routine. When we initially had Ashleigh sleeping in her own bed she went down fine. Then about 2 months ago she realised she could get back out of bed. Thus, the battle begun and it continues. We are praying and doing everything it says to do in the books, but so far it has not worked. There has been a little improvement, but the battle is not yet won. 

Here is perhaps the funniest instance of this in recent days. I had recently purchased and begun to read a book by Dobson titled, "The Strong Willed Child." It was sat on my office desk when Ashleigh came in and tried to take it from me. What then  occurred was a battle of the wills! Ashleigh kept saying, "Ashleigh’s book" and I kept informing her it was daddy’s book ABOUT Ashleigh. In the end, I won. πŸ™‚ 

Just thought I would share something of our daughter’s development. Pray that we will be able to raise Ashleigh in a godly way. Pray that her strong will can be steered toward being a strong character, determination and leadership qualities for the glory of God!

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