Update on May 11th Meeting

On Friday May 11th I met with Mr William McCrea and Mr Gordon Topping. The outcome of the meeting was not exactly positive. Mr Topping explained the process involved when a governmental building becomes available.

First, it is offered to other government bodies. Any who are interested would pay an agreed fee to the seller. If no other government body is interested then it goes on the public market. With this being the case it will be sold at market value, which in this case will be around £2 million or $4 million.

Several thoughts came to me initially. One option would be to do nothing and simply remain where we are. Another would be to wait until the property goes on the open market and try to purchase a plot of land on which we could build. The last would be to raise £2 million and buy it directly from the government. The land we did not use we would keep for a year or two and then sell off in order to pay back the investor or investors that supplied the original £2 million.

So far most to whom I have spoken have either laughed or thought I was mad.

The buildings would be enough to house the church and perhaps use as the beginnings for a full time Bible School. The existing Bible school here could have dedicated rooms and then as the Lord provided we could have gone full time. However, unless the Lord works an extra-ordinary miracle, then option number one, remaining where we are for the time being, is the one which we must accept.

There are several options that Pastor Fittis tried while he was here that may be worth re-visiting. We appreciate you praying and continuing to pray with us.

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