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God willing this evening we will begin a fresh drive for Teen Evangelism. Alive FrontOur children's meetings seem to go well and though we have room for growth and improvement we have a good base from which to work. Our teen's meetings have not gone so well. Along the path the teen's ministry has lost its energy and influence. By the grace of God we want to see growth and life in those ministries once again!

This evening and in the coming weeks I will take a group of teens from our church and some teens from a neighbouring church to reach out to the youth in our area. The plan revolves around making ourselves known in the community. This evening we will break up into groups and "patrol" our community looking for teens to whom we can speak.

ALIVE BackThe images on this page are business card size invitations we will use this evening. Young people need to see that there is more to life than the here and now. So often their focus is on shallow, temporary issues, though this is probably true of the whole of society.

The advantage with young people is that they are looking for the answers to life. Many are still teachable, they are searching and looking for answers.

Please pray that we will have success in finding and speaking with these teens. They are normally just tood around, kicking footballs, smoking or simply walking around their estate. Pray most of all that we can see souls coming to Christ for salvation!

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