Temple Baptist and Fittis Family

For the last few days we have had the great pleasure of staying with the Fittis family!

We arrived on Friday and enjoyed a good time of fellowship with the family on Friday evening. It has been good to spend time with someone from "home."

Pastor Fittis is now at Temple Baptist Church in McMinnville, TN. www.templebaptistnews.com

On Saturday morning Bro. Fittis took me out in kayaks on the lake near their home. Then he went and got Carrie and Carrie and I spent some time on the lake while Mrs. Fittis and Jennifer looked after Ashleigh. We enjoyed the time just on our own surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Tennessee.

On Saturday evening we went to Temple Baptist Church’s Fall Festival. It was a good opportunity to have another taste of southern cooking and to meet the members of the church. Every one was very kind and welcoming. It got kind of cool in the evening but the bonfire kept us warm!

This morning I taught at the Sunday School and Pastor Fittis preached in the morning service. I had a good time talking with Pastor Gammon. It has been a few years since we spoke and I was blessed to speak with him again.

This evening I preached and showed my presentation. I felt like the Lord blessed and we had a good service. I will be sad to say goodbye to the Fittis family tomorrow but I am looking forward to getting home to Northern Ireland.

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