Week One

On Sunday 3rd I preached at Faith Baptist Church in Simpsonville, SC. Pastor Eoute is such a tremendous man of God and the people are so kind and loving. More and more FBC Simpsonville feels like home. I wish I could get back there to be with the congregation once more.

On Monday I travelled 8 hours south to Valdosta, Georgia. It was a good drive though breaking the speed limit seemed the only safe way to drive in some places around Atlanta. The higher ethical law of survival, I felt, over ruled the speed limit. 🙂

Arriving in Valdosta I met Pastor Gene Wiseheart and Ron Cole. Later that day I met a good group of men I have got to know over the last few days. Julio is from Mexico, Romon from Chile, Rey from the Philippines, Justus from Kenya and Tlon from Burma. As time goes on I'll share more about them and their ministry. Perhaps the Lord will lead me to set up mini-sites for them all. 

Tuesday we went to a preacher's conference and I would describe the preaching in one word – Different – the preaching style in the first church I visited was different. Certainly not wrong, but not what I am used to. It was a lot more animated than I would be accustomed to but it was still a blessing to hear and I know the Lord used those preachers in my life and the life of others.

Wednesday we headed out for Cairo and Thomasville. We will be in this area for several days. Last night I preached at Fountainhead Baptist Church where Bro. Eckerd is the pastor. It was a small congregation but they were an encouragement and I thank God for the opportunity to be there.

Ten of us are staying in a three bedroom house at Hilltop Baptist Church. Tonight we will all be there but we have different churches to visit over the coming nights.

It seems I'll have e-mail access for a few days now so I'll try to make the most of it. Please continue to pray as I drive on different roads, meet people and try to be a blessing to all. God has been god and provided in more ways and greater ways than I could have imagined. But we need continued prayer.

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