Ware Baptist Church

Today we travelled from Valdosta with Bro. Wiseheart to Waycross, Georgia. We arrived at a Christian camp Pastor Dorminey runs called Okefenokee, near the Okefenokee swamp. Apart from a number of bugs, a large number of bugs outside, it was great! Inside the rooms were very comfortable and had every thing we needed.

In the afternoon we relaxed and fellowshipped. In the evening we went to Ware Baptist Church. I preached from II Corinthians 5:17-21. We had good services and I enjoyed fellowshipping with Pastor Earl's grandson.

It turns out Pastor Earl knows Freeman Gooch. Bro. Freeman had been a missionary in Northern Ireland and was very influential in the lives of some men who were very influential on my life! Sometimes it seems we live in a very small world.

We went back to the camp after the services and the Lord blessed me with a good night's rest.

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