Grace Baptist – Ozark AL

On Thursday evening this week I visited Grace Baptist Church in Ozark, Alabama. Pastor Crosby and the church made us very welcome and we had good services. Pastor Crosby had spent about 4 years based in Alconbury, England. This gave the pastor a good understanding and insight of the needs and position of the United Kingdom. I enjoyed talking with a number of the members of the church and was able to share some of the recent history of NI.

This morning we went out for lunch with Pastor Turner and his wife Angie and Pastor Anthony and his wife Jennifer. We had a good time of fellowship and food. I tried shrimp for the first time and to my surprise I enjoyed them!

This evening we had the joy of being back in Ozark with Pastor Crosby. We had a good meal followed by a wonderful time of fellowship. Members of the church took turns singing specials. I think almost every one sang either in their own or as a couple or group. It was such a great blessing! I have never really seen it down this way and it was great! It is something I will definitely take home with me and perhaps try at FBC Newtownabbey.

Pastor Crosby and his wife have expressed an interest in coming to NI to visit with us and I sincerely hope they do.

Last night we were at Dothan Baptist for services. Edward Murila preached a good message and we had a time of fellowship afterwards. I spoke for a while with Jerry Turner, the pastor’s son. We talked about everything from church sound systems to British history.

Anthony and I had a good chance to talk again. I hope he and Jennifer can come and visit us in NI sometime soon.

In fact, any of our supporting churches or any one with an interest in the work of God in the UK would be more than welcome to come and visit with us.

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