Achieving New Year’s Resolutions – One Day at a Time

Over the last few days and weeks many people will have been preparing for new year's resolutions. Some may have even had plans for months having decided to wait for the new year to start or stop something. New Year's resolutions are great and many people have changed their lives by using them as a... Continue Reading →

The Grace that Saves

“Every converted sinner is a saved sinner. Such are delivered from sin and wrath; they are brought into a state of salvation, and have a right given them by grace to eternal happiness. The grace that saves them is the free undeserved goodness and favour of God; and he saves them, not by the works... Continue Reading →

Things That Are Different Are Not the Same

And Sometimes different does not always mean wrong... Some things in other countries are different. We arrived in the USA on Wednesday evening at about 5:30pm and got back to mom's about 11pm. All in all it took us 22 hours to get here. Yesterday I hired a vehicle and drove it 180 miles north... Continue Reading →

Legalism or Lawlessness?

This is one of many excerpts I have enjoyed from a book I am currently reading. I'll share a link to the book in another post. Confusing what the gospel produces with what the gospel requires will lead either to a sterile works-righteousness on the one hand or to lawlessness in the other." - Voddie... Continue Reading →

Spurgeon on Discouragement

This morning I am preaching from Zechariah. After Zechariah God would send only one more prophet, and then 400 silent years would descend on Israel. A 400 year silence that God would break explosively with the declaration of the birth of Jesus Christ! Zechariah pointed Israel to the Messiah more than almost any other prophet.... Continue Reading →

Redemption – Studying the Gospel Book by Book

Earlier this year I started a sermon series going through each book of the Bible chronologically and identifying some truth related to the unfolding plan of the Gospel, of redemption. I have also tried to convey the narrative of the Gospel. So, the majority of the messages have focused around a person, a people, or... Continue Reading →

A Few Thoughts On Listening to Sermons

A few thoughts came to mind about listening to sermons as I listened to one this morning. I initially shared them on Twitter but thought I'd put them all together in one blog post here: Prepare your heart before the service, even before Sunday, to receive what God has prepared for you. Put as much... Continue Reading →

The Relentless Love of God

In Hosea we find a tragic love story that pictures the relationship between Israel and God. Hosea's wife, Gomer, betrays him, abuses his trusts, takes advantage of him and no doubt wounds him deeply. Yet, when Gomer finds herself sold off as a slave and abandoned by her lovers, it is Hosea that comes to... Continue Reading →

“True Encouragement”

In Sidlow Baxter's daily devotional, "Awake My Heart", he shares this thought on David's plight and his response in 1 Samuel 30: "Afflictions and trials are sometimes allowed to accumulate without intermission, until it seems as though one more ounce of pressure, and our spirit will snap. Then, just at what seems to be the... Continue Reading →

Bandit Country Now a Beauty Spot

We had the opportunity to visit some of these areas when we lived in Northern Ireland and they are really amazing places to visit.

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