Dealing with Difficult Texts

We have all been there. While trying to share the Gospel an alleged contradiction or perceived error from the Bible gets thrown into the conversation to try and trip us up. Or, during our own reading of the Bible we find a passage that doesn't make sense perhaps logically or measured against our own understanding... Continue Reading →

Shrinking from the Doctrine of Reward

Principal Rainy (Robert Rainy 1826-1906), commenting on Philippians 4:15-19, writes, "We are not to shrink from the doctrine of reward because it has been perverted. It is true the good works of a Christian cannot be the foundation of his title to life eternal. They proceed from the grace of God; they are imperfect and... Continue Reading →

A Brief Catch Up

It has been a very busy and blessed month so far. Quite often I have not had internet access and so I have been unable to update my site as I would have liked. My intention was to write of each church and trip as it happened, but lack of time online and lack of... Continue Reading →

Words and the English

Jeremy Paxman in his book, "The English", writes about the line of thought that explains the spiritual reformation that took place in Britain and its impact upon art and literature, politics and education. He explains the historical emphasis Britain had upon words, rather than images, and even the painters often focused on what was observed... Continue Reading →

Meeting Some HELP Missionaries – NC to GA

On February 26th I was up early and repacking in preparation to travel to Charlotte, NC. The missions group I am with here in the USA, HELP Ministries, bring in national pastors from all over the world and help get them support from US churches. They have done so much for my family and I.... Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania – Week 3

On Sunday, 25th of January we enjoyed the Sunday School and worship service with Pennwood Bible Church. Pennwood have faithfully supported us for several years and we greatly appreciate their faithfulness and generosity. Following the morning service we had a wonderful meal, but then had to say our goodbyes. We had loaded up that morning... Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania – Week 2

Last Saturday I left my family in Everett and headed to Jackson Baptist Church in north eastern Pennsylvania. The 186 mile drive was through awesome mountains and was generally uneventful. I first met Pastor Haskell in Ireland back in 2007. Since then we have tried to line up a meeting several times, but until this... Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania – Week 1

The long trip to Pennsylvania is always worth it. We drove about 256 miles to get here. We love visiting our family here and we love this part of the country. We left Virginia Beach on Sunday afternoon and arrived here about 8pm. I have been busy making phone calls, sending emails and making arrangements... Continue Reading →

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia

After we spent a week with the Barnetts in Tarboro we headed 102 miles up to Tabernacle Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. On the way we stopped at the Great Dismal Swamp National Park. The children enjoyed the chance to stretch their legs and walk around the small museum there. Pastor Baker is the... Continue Reading →

New Grace Baptist Church – Tarboro, NC

Our first big trip as a family this furlough took us to Tarboro, NC, 364 miles from our home base. Pastor Mike Barnett and his wife, Marianne, grew up in the same church as my wife. I have known Mike for about 15 years and they have been great friends to us. Mike is the... Continue Reading →

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