Visitors at Youth Club

On Friday 2nd we had a good youth meeting. Our younger children meet at 7 for an hour and then the teens meet from 8pm onwards. The night had some surprises and several blessings.  Just before the youth club started at 7pm I heard stones hitting the outside of our building. (Some of the children... Continue Reading →

2nd Anniversary

On Monday we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! God has blessed us with two great years and we praise Him for that. It has been a challenging, busy and eventful time but God has proved faithful throughout and blessed us more than we thought possible.We always hoped our lives would be a "proof" that God existed.... Continue Reading →

Ashleigh’s Walking!

  For a couple of weeks Ashleigh has been attempting steps, and for about a week she has been walking very well. But as she just wondered past  my window, along the front of the house, it occurs to me that life will never be the same...

Changes Continue

Good Day to all! Yes, the changes are continuing and hopefully we will be settled soon. It may be a few days off but ultimately it will be    better... honest! 🙂

Ashleigh Slept All Night!

Ashleigh Slept All Night! We may have a little celebration at lunch time today - Ashleigh slept through the night! She has done it once or twice before, but it has been a long while. In fact, the last few nights have been some of the worst. We think it was a combination of teething,... Continue Reading →

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