Faith Baptist Singers

Yesterday the Faith Baptist Singers, as Derek has called us, sang "Take Me, Lord". We want to encourage Godly, edifying music and we hope the choir will help toward this end. I am not sure of the copyright laws so I will not post the whole song but here is a short sample of how... Continue Reading →

Friend’s Service, New Members and Da Vinci

On Friday our teens had a special study defending the attacks made by the Da Vinci. Though Dan Brown brings out nothing new he has written a "credible" fiction and many people have already been decieved by its claims.The study focused on three main areas:1. The Authenticity of Scripture2. The Deity of Christ3. The Relationship... Continue Reading →

Deputation Trip to South Wales

On Saturday morning I flew from Belfast International Airport to Cardiff city airport. I flew with BMI Baby. Surprisingly the plane was quite untidy, EasyJet are normally very good at getting the planes turned around between flights. Anyway, the flight only lasted about 45 minutes and on arriving Christian Jones collected me from the airport.... Continue Reading →

Support Update – April

God has continued to work on our behalf and this week we heard of a church in the US that has decided to take us on for support! It is an exciting development as we have never visited this church, though they have received our information and had a recommendation from Pastor Fittis.This weekend I... Continue Reading →

A Wedding, Snow and the Lord’s Day

On Saturday we went to our friend's wedding! You can see they love each other very much. God willing the honeymoon will not fade away as it seems to so often. In many marriages the one a person used to adore and cherish is taken for granted and something seems to be lost. Kind looks... Continue Reading →

Support News

Recently we received news that Westhill Baptist Church has taken us on for support! We met the Pastor and people of Westhill recently on our trip to Aberdeen. We enjoyed meeting the Galbraiths and the members of the church and look forward to continued fellowship and service with them!Please continue to pray for our support... Continue Reading →

Deputation Trip – England

The coming few weeks look busy, but good! On Thursday 6th July we fly to England and will make our way to Pastor Messersmith of Trinity Free Baptist Church. God willing we will visit with West Basingstoke Baptist on Sunday 16th. Please pray that we will be able to convey our burden and ministry to... Continue Reading →


God has called me to the office of pastor-teacher and burdened me to labour in personal, local and global evangelism.  In 1997, by God’s grace through faith, I became a born-again Christian. Soon after I acknowledged God’s call on my life and I surrendered to serve Him. Until April, 2018, I served as a missionary... Continue Reading →

Carrie’s Residence Permit

Praise God! Yesterday the post brought the news that Carrie has been granted a Residency VISA for indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Whilst we knew the chances of her being denied residency were slim, it is still a weight off of our minds to know our application has been accepted. Watching the news and... Continue Reading →

Trip to Ballycastle

A couple of weeks ago we went out as a family to spend some quality and quantity time together. Working from home as I do there is the constant pull to look at projects and jot down ideas. So to ensure a work free day and to focus on family we drove two hours north... Continue Reading →

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