The Missionary Manifesto – G. Campbell Morgan

The Missionary Manifesto, by G. Campbell Morgan, takes a detailed look at the commission given by Christ to believers to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Morgan goes into great detail and covers aspects of the commission which have not been brought to my attention before. His book has 6 chapters: The... Continue Reading →

Richard Hobson of Liverpool – A Faithful Pastor

Through out church history some Christians have become household names. Their ministry as a preacher, pastor, evangelist, song writer, singer, pioneer missionary, translator, theologian or writer brought them to a wide audience and for one reason or another they have been remembered through out history. The vast majority of believers live lives of obedience and... Continue Reading →

Scenes From Church History

Since arriving in the USA I have tried to get back into a schedule of reading new books and material. One of the first reading projects has been this book Edited by Mark Sidwell, Faith of Our Fathers: Scenes from Church History. In the books introduction the editor explains the intention of the book is... Continue Reading →

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