The Grace to Give

God’s Word makes it clear that any gift we have and use we do so by the grace of God. Our gifts are a manifestation of God’s grace.

When Paul wrote to the church at Corinth, he covered a lot of topics.

When we reach chapter 8 he begins with a commendation for one particular way the grace of God was manifest in the churches of Macedonia.

It was the gift of giving.

I’d like to read a few verses in 2 Corinthians 8 with you.

By the time Paul wrote 2 Corinthians the persecution of the church in Jerusalem had caused a great deal of suffering. The Christians there faced job losses and boycotts because they had become followers of Jesus.

When Gentile believers saw this, they decided to take up a collection and send it with Paul to the Jewish Christians. They understood they had benefited from the spiritual generosity   

While the meetings of our church family have been suspended, the financial needs remain relatively unchanged.

The regular bills to keep and maintain the physical building remain and the needs of the future for maintenance and upgrades will still come.

We have also always done our best to help those in need. Long after the health impact of this virus subsides, there will be an economic problem.

We support several missionaries and following from our missions conference we’d like to help even more.

So that we have the resources to continue as many aspects of ministry as possible, we want to encourage you to continue showing the grace of God in your giving.

Take care of your household first, I see that as a priority.

But as the Lord leads, we want to encourage you to continue to give.

  • It is the privilege of the believer to give.
  • It is a part of our worship as when we give we recognize God has first given to us.
  • It is way we proclaim our faith as we choose to give a portion to God according as He has blessed us.

You can continue to give to Bedford Bible Church by mailing in a check to our postal address.

Alternatively, we have set up online giving through is a secure system to make donations to the church. I’ve included a short video about how it works in the video above.

You can download the app by searching for in your app store, or on any device go tour website and follow the links to give online.

We understand these are uncertain times.

But to enable us to continue doing all we can for others, we want to make sure we have the resources necessary to do so.

Let’s look forward to how God can use us in an even greater way because of the current crises, and not despite.

As with the churches of Macedonia, may our present affliction and abundance of joy result in generosity to assist others in need.

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