Genesis 30-32; Psalm 11

And Jacob stole away unawares to Laban the Syrian…

Genesis 31:20

Lies, deceit, and manipulation were a perinnial problem in the life of Jacob. Not only does Jacob show a lack of integrity at times, but so do others around him. I have to wonder how much his lack of honesty encouraged similar behavior in those around him.

Jacob deceived his brother, Esau, several times; his father, Isaac; and his father-in-law, Laban.

But then looking around him we see others treating him in a similar manner. His mother encouraged him to deceive his father, Laban deceived him, and Rebekah, his wife, lied to her father, Laban.

But after Jacob wrestled with the angel of the Lord in Genesis 32, he appears changed. God changes his name to Israel, and God injures him so that he forever after had a limp.

But there does not appear to be any more deceit. As fear is replaced with faith Jacob trusts the Lord to do all things well, and so does not feel the need to control the outcome himself at any cost.

The lack of integrity in the world today does terrible harm. Whether it be in the pulpit, the home, or in politics, the results are always the same.

God help me to be a man of integrity.

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