Moving to the USA

After prayerfully seeking God’s will for our family, and taking counsel from trusted friends we are now resting in the certainty that the Lord would have us make a permanent move to the USA.

This has not been an easy decision, nor one taken in haste. In the past we have given consideration to such a move, but we have never felt led of the Lord to leave the United Kingdom. However, over the last year, God has made it increasingly clear that His will for us is to live and serve in the USA.

We will miss our family and friends here, and I continue to be deeply burdened concerning the need for preachers in the UK. 

My desire is to remain in ministry however the Lord leads. My passion is still serving God through sharing the Gospel, teaching the Scriptures, building up believers and churches, and world evangelism.

Carrie and the children will travel to the USA on March 5th and I will remain in the UK for a short time to tie up any loose ends here.

We will live in South Carolina to begin with and attend Faith Baptist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

I have shared more details in a recent prayer letter; if you would like a copy please let me know. 

Please pray for us as we make this move. A major prayer request at the moment is that I get visa in good time and can join my family in the US as soon as possible. 

13 Years of Ministry

I am planning a prayer letter and blog post highlighting what we have seen accomplished for His name’s sake in the past thirteen years. 

When we have settled in the US, I am happy to visit any supporters who would like a personal report. We appreciate your continued support while we make this transition.

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