“Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.” – Proverbs 20:1

  • “Wine in the Bible is basically grape juice.” 
  • “Strong drink is worse than wine.”
  • “The way it’s made makes the difference.” 
  • “God told Israel to buy “strong drink”. 
  • “Is it a Christian liberty?”
  • “Does it mean to not get drunk or to not drink at all?”
  • “Is it something God ordains as a means of glorifying Him through enjoying what He has made?”

The discussion of alcoholic drinks generates endless conversations and debates in Christian circles. Throughout the years I have seen comments on the above statements. I have good, Godly friends who disagree with me on this subject. I don’t intend on commenting on the above statements, and I am not making a judgment on others who disagree with me, I just want to write about this verse. 

I no longer drink alcohol. The ones I tried years ago, I liked. I never got drunk, but I have seen drunkenness. That is my experience with alcohol in a nutshell.

Here, in another nutshell, is my position on alcohol.

I do not know how much it would take for me to cross the line between sobriety and drunkenness. So, I do not drink at all. 

I do not believe even mild intoxication will be possible with glorified bodies in Heaven, and yet Heaven will be no less enjoyable. So, I do not drink at all. 

I do not want to cause brothers and sisters in Christ to stumble even if it were my liberty to do so. So, I do not drink at all. 

I do not believe my life is less fulfilled in any way by not drinking alcohol. So, I do not drink at all. 

Each must follow their own conscience, and this is how I follow mine.

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