“The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.” – Proverbs 16:31

Almost every generation will find itself in conflict with the previous generation. This conflict may vary in intensity and the field of conflict may change, but it occurs again and again. It seems the greater the degree of prosperity and freedom the greater the opportunity for the younger generation to disparage the older. In times of war or want petty differences are put aside and all generations unite to survive. 

I fear that many of the current generation have little regard or respect for earlier generations. They do not try to understand what made the previous generation believe and behave the way they do. Many stand on the shoulders of giants and give little thought to the sacrifice and service of those who have come before them. They hold that their work, their worship, their philosophy is more authentic, wiser, better. Many are impatient, discontent, and shortsighted.

Conversely, many of the older generation do not appreciate the input and energy of the younger generations. The stability and patience of the older generation, which can bring so many benefits, can also be used as smokescreens to hide fear and generational preferences. They were once young and impulsive, but have forgotten the frustrations they once felt. 

God commends the “hoary head”, the grey and white-headed citizens, IF they be found in the way of righteousness. Long years should provide great opportunity to learn wisdom and knowledge. In a society where so many seem ashamed of age and go to great extremes to hide it, maybe we should rebel against that trend and revere old age, honour it, and prepare for it all our lives so that we may be found in the way of righteousness. 

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