Pennsylvania – Week 3

On Sunday, 25th of January we enjoyed the Sunday School and worship service with Pennwood Bible Church. Pennwood have faithfully supported us for several years and we greatly appreciate their faithfulness and generosity.

Following the morning service we had a wonderful meal, but then had to say our goodbyes. We had loaded up that morning and were ready to hit the road. Once again we were racing to stay ahead of an incoming storm. God blessed with clear weather all the way home.

420 Miles
420 Miles

We travelled the 420 miles home that day. Again, the children travelled very well. Spending all those hours in a car can be challenging, but I am proud of how the children behaved. We arrived home around 11pm.

For the rest of February the children and Carrie will be based in Mauldin, SC with Carrie’s mom and I will be on the road for most of the month.

We appreciate your prayers during this time. It is my privilege to visit new churches as well as reconnect with current supporters. But it is difficult being away from family.

We want to especially thank our family in Pennsylvania for their encouragement and hospitality.

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