Tabernacle Baptist Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia

02_Tarboro NC - Virginia Beach VirginiaAfter we spent a week with the Barnetts in Tarboro we headed 102 miles up to Tabernacle Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

On the way we stopped at the Great Dismal Swamp National Park. The children enjoyed the chance to stretch their legs and walk around the small museum there.

Pastor Baker is the father of a young lady we met in 2013. Amanda Baker visited Brimpton and is now on deputation to move to England as a missionary. Maybe you could help her by taking her on for support? Later this year their high school seniors will be coming to England on a short-term missions trip. So, on Friday afternoon we met with them and their mothers to answer questions and start making plans.

We received a warm welcome and were shown hospitality by several families. We enjoyed staying with the Robersons over the weekend and having dinner with the Dudleys Friday evening. On Saturday we enjoyed the visit to a very cold beach with Amanda and then 20150110_133050 (Large)dinner with Mike and Shoney. The children got to watch their first basketball game at the high school. It was a busy and fun weekend.

Pastor Baker had scheduled me to preach on Sunday evening, but on Saturday as we discussed the approaching storm it looked like that might change. Early Sunday morning Pastor Baker offered to let me preach during the morning service and then head out after lunch. We appreciated his concern and thoughtfulness.

So, we hit the road on Sunday afternoon. On our way out of town we drove past some of the US naval shipyards and saw an aircraft carrier.

Tabernacle Baptist is a large church, but it retains a family atmosphere. I learned from the pastor and others there. Thank you Tabernacle Baptist for your kindness to us.


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