Pennsylvania – Week 1

The long trip to Pennsylvania is always worth it. We drove about 256 miles to get here. We love visiting our family here and we love this part of the country. We left Virginia Beach on Sunday afternoon and arrived here about 8pm.

03_Virginia Beach VA - Everett PAI have been busy making phone calls, sending emails and making arrangements for meetings for the remainder of our time here. I thank God that almost every Sunday is booked up. Tomorrow I will be making more phone calls and hope to have any remaining openings filled in.

On Monday I went with a local church to play some volleyball. It has been some time since I played but I think I remembered a little about how to play.

It is a beautiful area of the country and I have enjoyed going out on some runs.

Last night I taught a Bible study at the church one of Carrie’s uncles attends, Cherry Lane Church of the Brethren.

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