A Few Thoughts On Listening to Sermons

A few thoughts came to mind about listening to sermons as I listened to one this morning. I initially shared them on Twitter but thought I’d put them all together in one blog post here:

  1. Prepare your heart before the service, even before Sunday, to receive what God has prepared for you.
  2. Put as much responsibility on yourself to receive truth as you do on the preacher to convey truth.
  3. Turn to as many Scripture references mentioned in the sermon as possible.
  4. Take notes. My pastor always reminded us that 3/5 of think is “ink”.
  5. Remember R.A. Torrey’s principle that any time the Bible is opened & read then something can be gained
  6. If you walk away from a sermon with nothing, don’t let your first thought be to blame the preacher.
  7. If you don’t like your preacher, don’t grumble, pray. Let God change him/move him on, not you.
  8. Preachers will be harsher critics of themselves than anyone else.Encouragement is better than complaint

A thought for preachers (1): Preachers,we have an awesome privilege & responsibility. Never take it for granted & always try to improve.

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