Tweeting the Christmas Story

Twitter offers a great opportunity to send out brief messages, in an instant, to any one who wants to read it anywhere in the world. The limitations of Twitter, only having 140 characters to communicate in, can cause frustration. However, this limitation forces me to condense my thoughts into only the essential information.

I’ve decided to use the brevity of Twitter to communicate the essentials of the Christmas message this year. Yesterday I started sharing the Christmas message, one Tweet at a time. If you’ve never used Twitter before, simply go to and you can see my posts. To reply to any of them you will need to join Twitter.

Yesterday I posted: What is Christmas(1/19)? Adam’s sin brought a curse into the world, we also sin, & so a Saviour was needed-;kjv 

Today’s was, What is Christmas(2/19)? Immediately after the fall to sin God promised a deliverer from the penalty of sin – Genesis 3:15

Let me know what you think!

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