The Necessity of Prayer – Prayer and Fervency – EM Bounds

“Prayer, without fervour, stakes nothing on the issue, because it has nothing to stake.”

“Prayers must be red hot. It is the fervent prayer that is effectual and that availeth.”

“If our religion (relationship?) does not set us on fire, it is because we have frozen hearts. God dwells in a flame; the Holy Spirit descends in fire. To be absorbed in God’s will, to be so greatly in earnest about doing it that our whole being takes fire is the qualifying condition of the man who would engage in effectual prayer.”

“… we are to possess sufficient fervency to carry us through the severe and long periods of pleading prayer.”

Bounds shares a quote from Adoniram Judson, “A travailing spirit, the throes of a great burdened desire, belongs to prayer. A fervency strong enough to drive away sleep, which devotes and inflames the spirit, and which retires all earthly ties, all this belongs to wrestling, prevailing prayer. The Spirit, the power, the air and food of prayer is in such a spirit.”

“In almost every instance, faith was blended with trust until it is not too much to say that the former was swallowed up in the latter.”

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