The Necessity of Prayer – Prayer and Conduct and Character – EM Bounds

“Prayer governs conduct, and conduct makes character. Conduct is what we do; character is what we are.”

“The very end and purpose of the atoning work of Christ is to create religious character and to make Christian conduct.”

In Christ’s teaching, it is not simply works of charity and deeds of mercy upon which he insists, but inward spiritual character. This miuch is demanded, and nothing short of it at all will suffice.”

“It is the condition of the human heart and the blamelessness of the personal life, which form the burden of the writings of Paul.”

“For the change from badness to goodness is not wrought “by works of righteousness which we have done” but according to God’s mercy which saves us “by the washing of regeneration”.

“Any alleged form of Christianity which does not effect this change in the hearts of men is a delusion and a snare.”

“The office of prayer is to change the character and conduct of men.”

“The church is God’s manufactory on earth, and its primary duty is to create and foster righteousness of character. This is its very first business. Primarily, its work is not to acquire members, nor amass numbers, nor aim at money-getting, nor engage in deeds of charity and works of mercy, but to produce righteousness of character and purity of outward life.”

“Unrighteous conduct is born of prayerlessness; the two go hand-in-hand. Prayer and sinning cannot keep company with each other.”

“Bad living means bad praying and, in the end, no praying at all. We pray feebly because we live feebly.”

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