“He made the stars also.”

“he made the stars also.” – Genesis 1:16


Nancy is a 93 year old lady who attends Bethesda Free Church in Sunderland, England. On Sunday evening the Lord led me to preach from Job 9 and I spent a few minutes on the verses that mention the constellations of Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades. 

After the service Nancy came to me and shared something a former pastor of the church had mentioned to her. Nancy was full of excitement, an excitement rarely found in a 93 year old, because God had brought to her in a fresh way how awesome our God is. She said to me,

“Isn’t it amazing that when we consider how vast the universe is, that creating them was, to God, an easy thing. The Bible simply says, ‘He made the stars also'”.

Consider the number of stars, they are in their multiplied billions – “He made the stars also.”

Consider their size. VY Canis Majoris is about 2,100 times larger than our Sun. That would mean 9,261,000,000 of our Suns would fit inside. – “He made the stars also.”

Consider how great our God is that creating the universe was such an easy thing.

But here is something truly precious, because it scales it right down to where you are today. At 93 years old Nancy still received a personal blessing from the Lord! I’ve often thought how a 93 year old believer is just getting started – they have the whole of eternity ahead of them! Knowing Christ is to have life! Real life! The best life! God so easily “made the stars also”, and yet He would stoop down so low to put Himself on our level.

“He made the stars also”… but He also made you and me and He wants to know us. Do you know God? Do you know your sins are forgiven and that one day Heaven will be your home?

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