The Complete Works on Prayer by E.M.Bounds

This volume contains E.M. Bound’s 8 books on prayer:


  1. The Necessity of Prayer
  2. The Essentials of Prayer
  3. The Possibilities of Prayer
  4. The Reality of Prayer
  5. Purpose in Prayer
  6. The Weapon of Prayer
  7. Power Through Prayer
  8. Prayer and Praying Men


51xonLSbrqL. SL160 Just the first few chapters of the first book have deeply challenged me and impacted my prayer life.  As I read through this volume I want to try and share a few quotes from each chapter. 


I would encourage you to get a copy of the book for yourself. You will not regret it. After being convicted and challenged, perhaps even discouraged by an analysis of your current prayer life, you will be greatly helped and blessed to see a Biblical model of prayer. 


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