UK County Prayer Cards

A couple of years ago Baptists Committed to World Evangelism made available prayer cards for each country around the world. The prayer cards included a map and statistics on that country. I have used them in my church by including one each week in our bulletin as the country each week for prayer.

Sometime last year I had the burden to do something similar for the United Kingdom. We are encouraged to pray specifically so that we can see specific answers to prayer. But when we pray for our country we rarely think of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, let alone the many counties in each country!

So, after several months of work I want to make available the UK County Prayer Cards. At the moment they are simply available for download as four ZIP files. Each prayer card is a JPEG and contains the map of a county plus the major population centres in that county.

Use them as you wish and spread the news. We cannot expect God to work unless we pray and I believe specific praying is needed for each part of our country. In time I hope to send out a newsletter each week listing a particular county for prayer.

UK County Prayer Cards

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