Looking Back, Around and Ahead

Well, 2012 has arrived! For me it arrived with more of a whisper than with a bang. It has become something of a tradition for me to lose my voice the fist Sunday of every year. It has happened for about 6 of the last 8 years and is a source of great frustration. I’m not sure there is much I can do to change that, but I’ll try.

Each new year brings the same flurry of activity of people reviewing the year that has past, putting together the “Top Ten” of practically every thing imaginable; others look around at the current events and many look forward to the year ahead.

I do not point this out cynically, I believe those are all good things.

God repeatedly set up Ebenezer’s for Israel to encourage them to remember some event, to take stock of their current circumstances and in faith look forward to all that God had in store.

Christians would be wise to do the same. In 2012 did you write in the snow or in stone? Will your life’s activities over the past year fade away into insignificance or did you see eternal events take place?

Where are you now? Physically, emotionally and spiritually check your current condition and prayerfully seek God’s affirmation or direction.

What have you planned for 2012? Look ahead and strike out at the new year with intent. Do not simply sit and wait for something to fall into your lap. Actively seek God’s will and be ready to do it!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

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