A Servant’s Heart at Brimpton

Brimpton Baptist Church has a relatively small congregation, but they accomplish a great deal and they do it well.

I’m thinking about our choir at the moment. A couple have had training, but most have not. Yet they all sound great. And I am not just meaning that they make a joyful noise. They make a joyful noise and they sing all the right notes at the right time. I joke sometimes that I sing all the right notes just in the wrong order and at the wrong time. But our choir do a fantastic job.

It is a testament to their heart to serve the Lord through the ministry of music. It is a testament to the skill and hard work Carrie puts into the choir ministry. The choir invest many hours into practicing and then using their music to bless others.

I am also thinking of the outreach. Several invest time each week trying to share the Gospel with our community. There is much to do with just a few workers, but they have a servant’s heart and they get the job done! Not because they have the time, but because they make the time! They do not have spare hours and figure they can do something for the church, instead they are very busy and deliberately make time to do the work.

Whenever we have special fellowships and services I know I can rely on the church to put their backs into the work and make the meeting a blessing and make it all work.

So, I just want to publicly acknowledge what a blessing Brimpton Baptist Church are. It is a blessing to serve the Lord with them.

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