The Chickens and More

We have chickens.

I know you know.

Every one seems to know we have chickens. The news of our chickens and the now infamous coop spread more quickly than the Black Death.

We got chickens primarily to produce eggs. It saves money because we don’t have to buy them. They make money because we can sell them to other people. The eggs are better than shop bought ones. Plus, they are like pets for the children in many ways. They also produce a substance which makes great fertiliser. 🙂

I have built a homemade incubator, the building of which has been another learning curve for me. Today some hatching eggs I bought off of Ebay arrived and tomorrow I will put them in the incubator. Hopefully in 21 days they will hatch.

Keeping chickens is a large part of trying to supplement our income through keeping chickens but we are also trying to grow much of our own veg. We have planted potatoes, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, a variety of herbs, lettuce, onions, garlic, leeks and one or two other plants. 

Like every one else the economy is effecting us and we are doing the best we can with what the Lord supplies us with. What we do not have in cash we are trying to make up for by growing and producing our own.

Don’t misunderstand. If nothing grows and all our chickens get eaten by foxes we are not necessarily going to go hungry. But, if everything does bring forth much fruit then our financial situation will be helped.

So, as much fun as the chickens are, there is a practical purpose in mind.

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