Easter Services 2011

Brimpton Baptist Church has held a service on Good Friday for about as long as I can remember. After a service remembering and praising God for the vicarious suffering and death we take time to have a meal on the grounds and fellowship for a while.

This Good Friday Faith Baptist Church in Newbury joined with us and between the two churches we had a good number at the meeting.

The choir sang “Alone” and then I preached from 1 Corinthians 6:20 – “At What Price?” The message focused on the fact that we are bought with a price and that debt demands a decision, and that decision, if made to receive Christ as Saviour, demands change. I simply walked through the verse with these five points:

Ye – Salvation’s universal appeal

Bought with a price – Salvation’s cost

Therefore – Salvation’s Consequence

Glorify God – Salvation’s Purpose

Body & Spirit – Salvation’s Service

On Sunday morning I enjoyed seeing an old friend who visited the services, the choir sang again and I preached on Matthew 28:

The End of the Sabbath – Matthew 28:1 (Law replaced with Grace)

The Empty Tomb – Matthew 28:2-5

The Exalted Christ – verse 6-10

The Enemy Strikes – verse 11-15

The Edict Given – verse 16-20 (Great Commission)

On Sunday evening we had more visitors and God blessed in the services once more. The choir sang again and were really a blessing. Carrie is directing the choir and doing a wonderful job. The choir is sounding great and everyone is working really hard to serve the Lord and worship in this way. Sunday evening I preached on the resurrection again from Romans 1:1-6

The Greatest Demonstration of  Power (Ephesians 1:15-23)

The Greatest Debt of People (1 Corinthians 15:14-19)

The Greatest Desire of Paul (Philippians 3:1-10)

The Greatest Deed for Believers (Romans 6)

We thank the Lord for all He has done for us this weekend, but most of all we thank Him for providing a way of salvation for a lost and dying world.

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