Easter Around the World

I wonder what you would see if you could take a snapshot of Easter being recognised around the world today.

In parts of Pakistan they celebrate, but quietly, due to fear of nearby Muslims who have recently attacked them. They worry that if they show too much excitement they may bring the wrong kind of attention to themselves.

In parts of Nigeria they celebrate Easter outside. Not because they choose to do so, but because their churches were recently burned down by Muslims.

Far away in the deepest jungles of Brazil they do not celebrate at all. Because 2000 years after Christ came into this world, lived, suffered, died and rose again they still have not even heard His name.

In some places in China some recognise it openly and without harassment. But others quietly contemplate it in jail because they tried to meet and have a service in a location not approved of by the government.

In many Western countries they celebrate… by going to Easter egg hunts, giving each other gifts of clothing, cash and other items, but neglecting the greatest Gift ever given, the gift of salvation in the Person of Jesus Christ.

In other parts of Western culture they recognise Easter in a big way. Small men in big hats have their largest congregations of the year. Grand processions move mournfully through streets, sometimes carrying religious icons, trying in some way to replace with theatre the lack of a genuine relationship with God.  For often they do not consider salvation as something completed on the cross of Calvary, but as something begun by Christ which they must complete with good works.

For my part I find it hard to emphasise the crucifixion and resurrection the way they do because it is something I find we celebrate in our circle of churches every Sunday. Every day Christians should have a realisation of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We do not wait for Christmas, or Easter or any other part of the religious calendar to dictate what we say and do. However, that being said, I realise many in society only think of God at certain times of year, and for their sake, I try to give a special emphasis to matters they may usually never consider.

So, what have you done this Easter? How do you think others around the world are celebrating the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ?

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