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Believing one of the obvious priorities of the church is the Great Commission we have been doing all we can to share the Gospel with our community. We have started systematically distributing 10,000 leaflets in the nearby towns and villages. The cards give an introduction to the church and a basic presentation of the Gospel. They also contain service times and contact details.

At every service we preach the Gospel but we have also had a few services planned for the single purpose of bringing in visitors.

We have been working hard to encourage one another and give practical helps to enable each believer to share the Gospel. This has been profitable and I believe every one has been really enjoying the Sunday School hour where we have been focusing on personal evangelism.

A lot of work has been done on the grounds of the church as well. One reason is that we believe an attractive church building and grounds show people that we are good stewards of the buildings which God has given us. Although they are just bricks and mortar, they are the place we have set aside for the purpose of serving and worshipping God and for that reason we want them to look their best. Another reason for a lot of work on the grounds has been an attempt to simplify some of the gardens and make them easier to maintain. Extra time working on the facilities now will hopefully mean less time working on them in the long run. This will free up more time for everyone to focus on our prime goal – spreading the Gospel.

Throughout this year we have many more days and ways in which we plan to share the Gospel as a church and as individuals.

Camp Joy

Camp Joy takes place in August of every year here at the church (another reason for regular work on the grounds). This year we have had to do a lot of the work as the Lord has led the previous Camp Director to step down at this time. Joel has done a fantastic job bringing it this far and we praise God for him. We have also had to fill out more paperwork and take care of some administrative  tasks relating to Camp health and safety which have added to the workload. However, with campers attending from across the country and some even coming from Europe, it is definitely a ministry we know God uses.

Church Meetings

We have enjoyed having several visitors to church recently. It has been a blessing to me and all of us to meet with friends from the past who have visited as well as meet new individuals as they visit with us.

Praying and Planning

As with any church there is much to be done. Great things that have been achieved by the Dotsons and others in the past can only continue to be blessed as we pray and plan. We want to be led of the Lord to keep things which need to remain unchanged and adapt, stop and start ministries as God leads.

Please do continue to pray with us and for us as we seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ with our community, our country and around the world.

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