Mens Conference 2011

A couple of months ago one of the men in the church asked if we could plan some opportunities for the men of the church to fellowship and be encouraged. We planned a prayer breakfast which went well and also a men’s conference. Initially it was going to be something for the men of our church but then I thought I would invited a friend of mine to preach and so we invited all the men of his church too.

Then we thought we might as well invite the men from churches nearby, and then word spread and before too long men in church 2.5 hours away were expressing an interest. So, on Saturday, with relatively little promotion, we had nearly 40 men from 7 different churches attending the conference.

We started about 9:30 with tea, coffee and the universally loved Danish pastries. John Anderson from Cornerstone Baptist Church preached the first message on “Fortitude”. Then we had a short break and I preached the second session titled “Stand Fast”. We stopped for lunch and then John preached a final messaged, “I Give it All”. You can hear all the messages and congregational music here: Mens Conference Messages. Some pictures and video are available at the bottom of this page.

God blessed in the preaching and the congregational music was fantastic! I thank God for all the men who were able to attend.

The need for Godly men, and the desire men have to be challenged, I think was reflected in the amount of interest the conference generated. The Lord willing this men’s conference will become a regular meeting at Brimpton Baptist Church.





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